Aspire. Act. Achieve.

Meet JUMP, an A.I.-based mobile platform that helps students identify and achieve their aspirations while becoming the best versions of themselves.

Make the JUMP

Create the life you've dreamed of.

Overcome perceived limitations, throw off self-doubt and JUMP into your true capacity.

Receive support and guidance throughout your journey.

Through authentic conversation, your JUMP guide will support, inspire and hold you accountable to act toward your greatest aspirations.

About the App

Let your DNA lead the way.

JUMP builds your unique DNA - an evolving blueprint of who you are today, what you aspire for tomorrow and the actions necessary to maximize both.

Act on timely resources curated for you.

Leverage hyper-personalized articles, videos and opportunities, and connect with JUMPMATES who share your aspirations and want to JUMP into action with you.

Meet your scholastic secret weapon.

Input your class schedule, grade and confidence level in each course, and watch JUMP go to work. Study groups, tutors, class chat, lecture notes - JUMP empowers your success.

Share your story along the way.

Connect authentically with your community by sharing successes, challenges, tips and questions. Empower others who have empowered you!

Make the JUMP

What our users are saying

JUMP helped me break out of my shell and provided a wealth of resources I can now use to further refine different areas of my life!

Brian T.

As a full time student, balancing my studies and other aspects of my life is very challenging. However, through the help of my JUMP Guide and abundance of resources provided, I’ve finally found balance socially, physically and scholastically!

Anna M.

I struggled finding the right career path until JUMP exposed me to different industries that allowed me to finally take a direction I was passionate about. It’s had such a positive impact on my life and I look forward to continuing using it after I graduate!

Maria M.

JUMP outstandingly equips me, peer students, and professionals with actionable resources, pathways and connections to help me achieve the success I seek.

Cyrus J.