Your World Is Filled With
Endless Possibilities

JUMP acts as your personal opportunity assistant, assessing where you are and aspire to go – in all facets of life. Then, scours the world providing you with opportunities, connections and resources to forge ahead on your path.

Goals Become Your Progress

Envision your life 10 years from now and watch JUMP set the steps to reach it. Attend events that align with that vision and connect with collaborative & like-minded people to join on your journey.

Passion Becomes Your Paycheck

Uncover industries that align with your passions, receive job opportunities that excite you, and hone skills to help you flourish along the way.

Peers Become Your Tribe

Find a community in the classroom by instantly chatting with other students, sharing & comparing notes, creating study groups and building lifelong bonds.

JUMP Becomes Your Process

JUMP places you at the center of your “Opportuniverse,” presenting you with tailored resources and attracting meaningful connections to help bring your aspirations to life.

A Message From James Adamy, Founder of JUMP

JUMP Founder, James Adamy, shares his purpose and vision for how JUMP can help you identify and realize your aspirations, by creating a world of possibility, one opportunity at a time

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We’re Still A Well-Kept Secret!

We’re not quite ready to spill the secret yet, but if you give us your email address, you’ll be added to our exclusive list of beta-testing volunteers to JUMP into the Opportuniverse first!

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Go Ahead…JUMP!